Now that I have the booties up for the contest, I’m going to jump back in time a bit and put up some other little projects that I have worked on.   Not too far back, I think I’ll try to stay within 2008, or I might just make myself crazy.  Once I feel sufficiently up to date with past projects, maybe I’ll have enough free time to actually make something new! 

So, here are a couple of little projects from Amy Karol’s book, Bend the Rules Sewing.  This is a great book, by the way, perfect for a novice on the sewing machine, such as myself.  I imagine someone who knows how to sew well might also find these projects fun or at least find the book lovely to look at.  Anyway, I made this smock and bibs for some friends who welcomed a baby fairly recently.  Obviously, the smock will be for down the road a bit but the bibs should work out now. 



I didn’t actually bend the rules too much on these patterns.  I did use terrycloth instead of cotton flannel for the backing on the bibs and I think they turned out fine.  Target sells inexpensive packages of washcloths, which just happen to be the perfect size for the bib pattern in the book.  I now have a bunch of extra washcloths waiting in the wings — just need an excuse to make more bibs.