It has been a while since I have seriously sat down to draw.  I love to draw but I just never seem to have time to do it.  Turns out, I should sit and doodle while my daughter draws.  She loves the company and I can let my pencil (or in this case, crayon) wander.  I guess it still isn’t really serious drawing, but it sure is nice.  And, my big man (a.k.a. my baby boy) is also getting in on the fray.  He has recently started putting the crayon down on the paper instead of into his mouth.  Hooray.  Family art time.  I must get sketchbooks for each of us so we can keep our little works of art in one place.  (Thanks again Soulemama for the ideas in The Creative Family.  Oh, and I should also mention that the remnants of strawberry-rhubarb muffins in the picture are also from Soulemama’s blog post.)


I must mention, I love these crayons — the ones in the box (the others are good, old-fashioned Crayolas).  I LOVE them.  They are Stockmar crayons and they are from Germany.  They are made of beeswax and pigment.  They smell lovely and draw beautifully.  We got a box that has crayon sticks and blocks, which gives my girl (and me) different shapes to work with.  I had read about them somewhere and was so curious to see if they really are worth the extra expense.  I would have to say they are.  Definitely.