I don’t know why but I have been having a hard time writing about this blanket.  Maybe it is because I haven’t given it to the recipient yet.  Maybe because I like the way it turned out so much that I want to use just the right words to describe it.  Whatever the reason, I need to just get on with it and make my post!

Flannel Baby Blanket

When I was thinking about what I wanted to do for the impending arrival of my dear friend’s new baby, I new it had to be cool. She, her husband, and their little girl all have impeccable taste and I wanted to make something that she would really like and use. Even though I know that families are often gifted tons of blankets for babies, there is something special for me about the handmade ones. I had a handmade baby blanket that I loved to pieces, literally, and my daughter also has a special blankie that was a gift before she was born. (Thanks Aunt Glee and Mrs. P.) So, the decision was made — a blanket for Nancy and the babe.

I wanted it to be thin enough to swaddle tightly with, big enough to use for more than one or two months, and also warm enough to use on a regular basis in the winter. I chose several shades of blue flannel (1/2 yard of each) and a blue and white stripped flannel (1 yard) for the back. I don’t know what my deal is lately with my monochromatic ideas (the baby boots also turned out in shades of purple) but it just seems to be what is on my mind. I choose all 100% cotton fabrics because little babies often tolerate natural fibers better (I know from experience) and I also like the way they feel when I am working with them.

Flannel Baby Blanket

After staring at the fabric for a good long time, I decided to lay it out as you see in the picture. I cut the fabric into nine inch wide pieces and sewed them together on the machine. I decided against any batting to give the blanket more flexibility. With right sides together (monochromatic front and striped backing), I machine sewed around leaving a small hole. I pulled the blanket through the hole to turn it right side out, tucked the flaps back into the hole and topstitched, close to the edge, all the way around.

Flannel Baby Blanket (detail)

The blanket feels wonderful, soft and cuddly. And, I think it turned out looking pretty cool too. My husband actually said it looked like something from Pottery Barn, which was just the kind thing I was going for. I think I will definitely make more of these!