I haven’t been feeling very posty lately.  I guess it is because I haven’t really had much time for being crafty either — the two things must be linked, eh? 

Anyway, I thought I would post up another past project in hopes of inspiring some new creations.  I made a Waldorf doll a while back for Eleanor.  It was really fun but took a while to complete.  I did a large 20″ doll, and if I do another, I think I will opt for a smaller size — the doll is nearly as big as my daughter!

I got a complete kit from Weir Dolls & Craftsin Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The kit contained all of the supplies and directions I needed to make the doll, as well as directions for clothing, which (embarrassingly) I still have not made.  The materials were lovely to work with and the directions were quite good, even for a novice like me.  Everything is natural, cotton knit for the body, wool for the stuffing, mohair for the hair, which makes for a beautiful finished doll.  And, you can customize the look of the doll with hair/skin colors and hair appearance. 

Here is the finished doll, recently dubbed “Big Girl”, wearing a dress made for a 16″ doll (hence the snug and rather too short appearance):

Waldorf Doll