I finally got the dress on my daughter for a picture and it is HUGE.  Teri made a comment on the dress post about how American pattern companies run large and, boy, was she right.  At any rate, it will be something for her to grow into and a good learning experience for me.  (No way am I messing with that zipper to alter it!) 


Also, I had some left over fabric from the baby blanket gift I made a couple of weeks ago and I decided to make a little stuffed something for the baby to match.  It ended up being (a very loose interpretation of) a bird, though I didn’t start off with any specific idea in my head.  I used some of the left over wool stuffing from the Waldorf doll to fill it, so it has that same nice, natural lanolin smell.  Hopefully, the  little one will like it — though babies always seem to have a mind of their own when picking a lovey.


I also worked on a couple other little things today but I’ll save those for another post.