It has been so long since I have written here.  I have been busy as a bee with the family, the house and the crafty stuff but not so busy with the camera and picture downloads and uploads!  At any rate, I will get back in the swing with the camera.  Promise.

For now, here are a few preview bits about what I have been working on:

– Artist apron for my daughter’s art teacher.  Unfortunately, we already gave this gift and I totally forgot to take a picture beforehand.  I think it turned out well, sort of raw-looking canvas with green accent stitching and an appliqued leaf print (similar to the shirt in this post).

– Hair clips.  I have seen a couple of blogs (slipping my mind now which ones) refer back to a post on Angry Chicken I had starred a while back.  So, I tried making a few.

– School bag for my little girl.  More to come on this.

– Granola bars.  I have been eyeing this Makes and Takes recipe and this Super Healthy Kids recipe.  Today I ended up making the Super Healthy Kids bars and they were terrific.  I added a bit of ginger, cloves, apricot and coconut to the basic recipe and they are almost gone.  So, sorry there will not be a picture of the first batch.

– And finally, I started a delicious list.  In part to keep track of projects I want to try and also to (hopefully) make dinner prep easier by having an online cookbook of sorts.  I guess this isn’t technically crafty, but I do hope it inspires more organization, which will free up time for craftiness.  At least, that’s the plan!