I started this post the other day and ended up getting so frustrated trying to make a Flickr badge I stopped working on it.  I still haven’t figured out what was going on with the badge, but I figure I might as well get this post up. If anyone has suggestions for posting a badge in WordPress let me know.  Good thing this is just a hobby, otherwise I would have been at wits end.  Anyway, for now you will have to click over to the cygnetsmall Flickr feed if you want to see the ornaments, until I can figure out what I am doing — at which time I’ll put up the darn badge!

I was reading a post about handmade ornaments at Just Tutes and it gave me the idea to document a few of the handmade ornaments on our own tree.  I love our tree, it always looks colorful and homey.  The ornaments I particularly treasure are the ones that friends and family have made for us.  Last year, I made a star to top our tree but this is the only ornament I have made for our own family.  However, I took a few pictures of a few other beauties made by creative family members.  Some require quite a bit of technical skill (the tatted snowflakes) and some would be easy enough for my daughter to make (the beaded candy cane) but all of them are well loved and carefully placed each year on our little tree. It makes me think that often the best gifts are not the biggest or most expensive, but the ones made with purpose and love.