Eleanor got the coolest handmade birthday gift from her friends Luli and Fiona.  A hopscotch game made of felt.  I wish I had thought of this, but credit must be given to Luli and Fiona’s mom Jenn (who blogs here).

(Henry helping Eleanor’s giraffe play.)

The squares include the numbers 1 through 9 and there are two bean bags to use as markers.  Jenn was clever enough to add the instructions for hopscotch, which was good because it has been a while since I have played.  Eleanor and Henry have been enjoying it immensely and using the numbers creatively as well.  They had all the numbers in a circle at one point and were jumping from number to number.  Vince commented that we should make up to the number 20 and use them as a learning tool for number recognition.  I may have to swipe the idea too for other friends who have upcoming birthdays — so those friends with kids in the appropriate age range, kindly forget that you read this!

(Eleanor getting some serious air.)