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Normally I am not nearly this organized, but instead of working on my big project, the kids and I made Valentines today.  I figured it would be fun and they will likely need them for their classrooms at school come February.  I must admit, recently I have thought about Valentines a bit more than is probably normal.  I have wanted to use up some of my very small scraps of fabric that are too small to do anything with, so the idea of cutting hearts and glueing them to notecards seemed like a perfect solution.

Fabric Scraps

I put some liquid watercolor paint in with the glue, just to make it a bit more like painting for the kids, and the three of us spent a nice evening working on our project.  The cards were fairly glue heavy, but that was alright since we had a place to dry them.


Henry started out adding the hearts but ended up enjoying just painting the notecards with painty glue.   I think they turned out pretty well, I plan to carve a “happy valentines day” stamp and have the kids (or at least Eleanor) sign their names on the back.  Good thing I have a whole month to get that part done!



This is one of my favorite paintings Eleanor has brought home from school so far this year.  The person in blue is apparently me.  Just amazing to see how they go from scribbles to actual shapes based on reality.

School Work

My girl had a birthday and to celebrate we went to a local nature center with a bunch of her friends.  It was a wonderful time and in the interest of keeping with the nature/eco-friendly theme, we made all of the party favors and decorations.

For the favors, I had a swatch book from Paper Source and decided to use it to make little tiny sketch books for our nature walk.  To do this,  I used a paper-cutter to take off the top inch (approximately), which left me with a rectangle of the nice card stock.  I cut regular printer paper slightly smaller than the card stock and put three pieces with each “cover”.  I folded the layers of paper in half and stitched with an old needle down the center.  To make the little books a bit more exciting, I carved a stamp and we used a shiny silver ink.  (We used the stamp on thank you notes as well.)

Birthday Party Favors

For the garland, I had hoped to sew the scraps together from the swatch book, but for some reason my sewing machine didn’t think that was a good idea.  Everything kept getting tangled up so we laid all of the scraps out on the table and glued them to a piece of yarn instead.  This actually worked out better — Eleanor was able to help me put dots of glue on the paper, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  The result was sort of whimsical and lovely, definitely very colorful.

Birthday Garland - Failed Attempt

Birthday Garland

Birthday Garland

I should have taken some pictures of the garland hanging at the party, but you will just have to imagine it.  Instead I will leave you with a picture of the cupcakes — I used a chocolate whipped cream (2/3 cup chocolate chips + 1 quart heavy cream, melted together in a saucepan, then refrigerated, then whipped like regular whipping cream) for the frosting, delicious.  And, yes, those are Skittles in the shape of smiley faces, as per the request of the birthday girl.


I have a few pictures from ages ago that I had intended to post about but never got around to writing about so here is the quick and dirty on them:

Red, White and Blue Potato Salad

Red, white and blue potato salad from our July 4th celebration with blue potatoes from our garden and beets from the farmers market. (Really? The 4th of July! I am way behind.)

Liquid Watercolors on Coffee Filters

Liquid Watercolors on Coffee Filters

Watercolors on Coffee Filters

Several pictures of liquid watercolors on coffee filters that we put up in the window as sun catchers. The kids started with Q-tips and ended up folding and dipping the filters to expedite the process. (And these pictures are from June! Gasp!)

Bumbleberry Pie

A shot of one of my bumbleberry pies before the crumbly topping went on.

And with that, I am hoping to get to some new and more interesting stuff.