I wrote this whole post on my phone and when I tried to attach the pictures it crashed and my words were lost. Super frustrating. But, the project was so cool I’m trying again (and plan to save before adding images!).

We have really been enjoying Mariah Bruehl’s Playful Learning and last week when the moon was clear and bright we decided to do the moon journal project. The idea was to make little books (which we did out of a piece of construction paper and staples) and observe the cycles of the moon.

Well, my guys were having SO much fun drawing at night with flashlights and oil pastels that they completely filled their journals with pictures not only of the moon but the house across the street with one light on, the big old oak that appeared black in the darkness and the streetlight that glowed very brightly. It was so much fun that they asked to do it two nights in a row, despite chilly temperatures.

Below are images of the kids working as well as some shots of the finished pages.