I love picture books. LOVE. Always have. I just got a new one for the kids and they actually love it too, which isn’t always the case. The book is Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen. When I saw it I was immediately drawn to the illustrations, and after reading the back flap I realized that I have admired Jon Klassen’s work before (he worked on the concepts for Coraline, one of my favorite movies). The story is equally as enchanting. A kind little girl finds a box of yarn and starts knitting in (and for) her dreary town. I won’t spoil it but it is sweet. If you have the chance it is definitely worth a read. I haven’t posted pictures here — not sure about the whole copyright thing and sure don’t want to offend anyone — but there are some nice pictures on the illustrator’s website under the books drop down menu. I’m inspired to learn to knit (again)!