I’m feeling anxious for the spring and gardening so I have been repotting inside and am quite pleased with everything.

The begonia on the left has been cut several times and you can see the new plants in water. I often give these as housewarming gifts because this plant has always been a part of my life an it feels right to share it. My mom got it as a gift probably 30+ years ago and it has been cut and repotted so many times I’ve lost count. (We also have a piece of it in our bedroom!)

The aloe plant in the middle is in a new pot I just picked up at Anthopologie (here) on a really fun girls day out with my dear friend Leah. I love it.

The yellow pot, from our local hardware store, holds a lavender plant I got at Trader Joe’s. I think I will move it outside when it gets a bit warmer and put something else in the yellow pot. I do hope it flowers, I don’t know much about lavender, I’ll have to do a bit of reading to see what it likes best.

Anyway, makes me happy to look at these plants while I am washing dishes!