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Eleanor's Embroidery

This isn’t my project.  I do love it so very much, though.  It is my 2.5 year old daughter’s first embroidery project.  I was inspired by Amanda Blake Soule’s book, The Creative Family to get a needle and embroidery floss and let her try her hand at sewing.  We went to the store together and she picked out the colors, this redish orange and a green that she is currently working with.  I think she made some nice color selections, though I am not sure if she conscientiously chose or just randomly grabbed.  Either way, she did a nice job.

I should also note that I LOVE the book.  Love, love, love.  I enjoyed it so much in fact that I cried reading while I read and thought about raising my babies in a creative, encouraging and loving environment.  What can I say, I’m a bit sappy when it comes to the kids.

At any rate, I thought this would be appropriate to include, even though it is not mine, since it sort of (really) makes me want to do some embroidery of my own.  I haven’t done embroidery before, only a bit of cross stitch when I was younger, so it might be fun to try something new.  I am always up for trying something new, in fact I need to stop reading other blogs because I have more projects lined up than I will ever be able to do.  But, since this little blog is my own way to keep track of creative endeavours, my inspirations should probably be recorded as well.