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I was channeling my inner Artful Parent today and the kids were preparing pressed leaves for art making by covering them with a layer of Mod Podge. Jean uses this technique for making her pressed leaves look alive with color – and it works amazingly well. We have made leaf luminaries with autumnal leaves and Mod Podge before but also used white tissue paper so the effect was not nearly as striking (though the luminaries were still very beautiful). The leaves we made today are stunning, just like when we picked them off the ground a week or two ago, maybe even more vibrant. We haven’t exactly decided yet what good use we will put them to, but I do not doubt the kids will think of something.

By the way, these leaves were inspired by Jean’s new Autumn e-book, which is currently on sale – pay what you can at checkout. A great time to get your copy!

(I am an affiliate of The Artful Parent and receive a cut of any e-book sold through this link, but I’d be encouraging everyone to check it out anyway even if I wasn’t.)





Giraffe Stool

Here is another old project, which I thought turned out pretty well.  although you wouldn’t know it from the poor photo quality please forgive, I’ll try to take a better one and replace it (new photo!) When my daughter was starting to brush her teeth and wash her own hands at the sink, she definitely needed a stool. All the children’s step stools I saw at the stores were quite boring, so I decided to make her one with a bit more personality.

I am sure there was some inspiration for the paper cut and Mod Podge combo that I ended up using, but I can’t remember what it was. For the design, of course, I decided to do a giraffe because my girl has a special lovey named Dear Giraffe (or sometimes Giraffey). 

I sat down with a very rough, hand drawn pattern, which I cut into three parts and spread across the stool, which was purchased at a craft store (Michael’s or AC Moore, probably). Then I disregarded the pattern almost completely and started cutting scrapbooking paper with a small pair of scissors. Last step was to cover the paper with Mod Podge, which I chose since it claims to be non-toxic. The Mod Podge does smell fairly strongly though, so I waited until everyone under the age of five was asleep. I applied several layers with one of those sponge brushes on a stick, being sure to let it dry in between applications. I only Mod Podged the top since it was going to be in our bathroom and I wasn’t certain how it would react to being on a damp floor.

(Turns out, the Mod Podge was fine with repeated drops of water on it, but the wood from the stool didn’t like being damp very much. The stool has found a new home in our living space and a plastic stool now occupies the space in our bathroom. Ah, well.)

Here is a detail with a baby hand for size:
Giraffe Stool (detail)