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I’ve got a lot of backlog on projects I want to put up here.  Somehow having a third baby has slowed things down a bit.  But, happy to report that we are getting back into some sort of a routine and certainly enjoying our new little girl.

The kids have been painting quite a bit lately, the back porch is open as the studio again so there is more space to make a mess.  We recently tried marbleized prints in shaving cream with liquid watercolors, which was quite fun.  I didn’t really follow any particular plan, though I am sure somewhere in the back of my mind there was a project I had seen, probably over at The Artful Parent.

Shaving Cream Painting

I filled up a tray with shaving cream and Eleanor squirted in a few colors from the watercolor bottles.  Then she used a chopstick as a swirler.  My initial thought was, “don’t swirl too much or the colors will turn brown”, but she kept going and her prints were much more interesting than the first one I did as an example.

Shaving Cream Painting

After a few prints, it turned a bit more mad scientist — she added water and about half a bottle of the magenta watercolor when I was not watching. I guess I would have preferred that she used a smaller amount but she sure was having fun and, after all, I did leave the box out for her to get into!

Shaving Cream Painting


Eleanor has been at summer camp and Henry has been lamenting the fact that he is too young to join her. So, we have started “mama-Henry camp”. Things are going pretty well, as you can see!