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The Halloween insanity begins for us tomorrow and I’m frantically trying to finish costumes. Part of it is going well (Eleanor’s bird) and part is a disaster (Henry’s Silver Surfer). Luckily, Adelaide is wearing a hand-me-down.

Here are some pictures from Eleanor’s bird costume. Inspiration came from The Artful Parent’s wings and from Elsie Marley’s owl mask. I used some wool (from old clothes, felted in the wash) from a rug hooking project that I haven’t worked on in a LONG time (a whole other story). I thought it might add a bit of warmth on a chilly fall night. The colors are not traditional, but I’m liking the way it is coming together. (Sorry the pictures are dark, the basement is not very well lit, especially at night.)





The kids have been entertaining themselves after school by working on various projects. This is not only great for me (I can make dinner!!) but it is great for them as well. The two bigger kids don’t get as much time together now that E is in full day kindergarten, so these quiet moments working and talking are all the more special.

The other day they decided to do some leaf rubbings after reading a library book about leaves (wish I’d written the name of the book down, it was quite good.)

After the leaf rubbings there was a Cheerios necklace making (and eating) session.

Then, a couple of days later, they decided to work on some spooky stuff for Halloween – a sign and a spider web.

[Grr, having trouble with pictures from my phone being published. Will work on this! Seems to be fixed.]





Thanks to our great neighbor for this painting pumpkins project. The best part (in the kids opinion) is that they get to use glitter glue. I think I owe her a new package of glitter glue though, my guys are a bit heavy handed with the stuff.