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Have you seen these beautiful blocks called Twig? I got them when Quiet Hours Toys was going out of business and we just love them. The kids like to make castles with stairs (like this picture) and towers and swimming pools. The blocks are really bright colors and can be manipulated and assembled in some unusual ways. The only problem we have is sometimes everyone wants the same blocks, in which case we take turns choosing. And, it works out pretty well for the most part.


I haven’t posted much lately, the time requirements involved in caring for 3 children, a house and a husband are fairly significant. Frankly, I’m not sure how so many people make it look so easy! At any rate, maybe someday I’ll have the wherewithal to do more but for now, here is a little something we are working on this nice October morning: spider webs. The kids love tying anything so I cut a square piece of cardboard, punched some holes around the edge and gave them some yarn. It fits in nicely with the bug obsession they have had lately and also with Halloween, which is just around the corner.